Anyone else have this type of headache

For 3.5 years I've head daily persistent headaches, present almost throughout the entire day. They came on suddenly one day, and i had never had headaches before this. They started around the same time my periods regularized, and that's the only connection i can really pinpoint.

It's this constant tension/squeezing/pressing between my eyes. It gets worse when I'm in a reclined position. The pain is rarely severe; it ranges from very mild to the point of being easy to ignore, to probably a level 5 (on a scale of 1-10), but the pressing sensation never goes completely away. When I'm walking around and running and stuff it's a lot less noticeable, but as soon as i sit to try and do homework, or to drive, or lie down and go to sleep the intensity immediately increases. When I chew food/gum, the tension is immediately relieved, but only while I'm chewing. There aren't any accompanying symptoms. Doctors have prescribed the same meds to me that are used for migraine sufferers.

I've just never met anyone with my sort of headache before and cant even find anyone on the internet who's described their headaches like this. I know these headaches don't really match the description of a migraine but I've heard that not all migraines have accompanying symptoms.

I'm posting to find out if anyone has this, and if they have found any effective treatment for it. Thanks

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