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It's only an hour, you'll be okay... you always have a headache... exercise will help you... you need to get rid of your stress... can't you take a pill for that... I've heard it all before. You have never walked a day in a chronic migraineures shoes nor can you begin to understand what we go through. The simple fact you say these things let's me know you don't (fully) understand. You would not ask someone to a dance if they had a broken leg, why ask me to a crowded place with loud noises and smells that will undoubtedly send my head into a full migraine attack? Ask us how we feel, and mean it. Ask us how you can help or what would be a better place to go. Ask us anything... most of us are miserable but we just want to feel accepted. Migrainures want to live the few hours we have pain free as normal as possible just like anyone else.

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