Gets you every time.

Lately, my doctor has put me on so many different medications, and the current one i'm on (i m sure) isn't preventing my migraines. I am at work, and while talking during a meeting, my aura starts. Usually it is only in my left eye and blocks the middle of my vision of that eye (i can see above and below the aura) but this time it was in both eyes.

One of the managers noticed i was getting kind of nervous and i tried my best to explain i couldn't see, and that i was getting another migraine. I'm SURE management is getting suspicious of my "having to leave work" several times in a month. But i had to go home and drink caffeine so I wouldn't throw up. Luckily my work is right next to my house, so i could drive (my vision returned in my right eye). With my pain, after the aura leaves (about 20 minutes) then my pain starts, always behind my right eye, then continues to my entire front half of my head and goes down in a line down the center of my head.

The only way i can explain the other feeling i get is that it feels like my brain is hot. On top of my migraines, I get "ice pick" and cluster headaches that are SO constant I want to cry. I've been to specialists and my primary care physician and all they know to do is give me more medicine. My MRI showed the spots on my brain which is constant with migraines, and that they (the spots) swell when i get a headache. I'm almost out of options and I don't want to suffer from these anymore :(

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