Closed head injury & migraines

It has been almost 8 years ago now since I was in a snowmobile accident that nearly cost me my life. fractured right orbital, jawbone broken in 3 places and a concussion. I also suffered a broken collar bone and 11 broken ribs, collapsed lungs, lacerated kidney and spleen,the icing on my cake…a dissected aorta. while I've made a full recovery (except for my paralyzed vocal cord).

I  work out regularly, take a krav maga class and love being in better shape than before the crash! I also started getting migraines after coming home from the hospital. After about a year it was determined they were caused by low blood pressure due to b.p. meds (they were prescribed to ease the pressure on the aorta repair).

After lowering the dosage and switching the med, the attacks lessened. I must admit the first few times I got one, I thought I was having a stroke. I now know I have migraine with aura. the blind spot, zig zag geometric shapes, numbness in fingers, face, tongue, inability to focus, then the pain...sometimes I can work through it, sometimes I am laid out for a couple days. 8 years and I still don't notice a trigger pattern. I never know when they are going to strike or how severe they will be. I never experienced anything like this until that wreck and those injuries. Currently I keep some "migraine" themed aspirin in my pocket at all times, and I research triggers and treatments. Such a drag to live with but, I'm grateful to still be here to watch my son grow and chase my wife around the house! ha-ha!

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