Confusion Migraines

For me, it started in my 50s. At first it was aura only, it was like a flashlight blinding my left eye. After a couple of those I got the aura with headache. The pain lasted all day and the next day I was completely worn out. Then came the confusion. Aura, pain, then confusion. It was so bad that I didn't understand anything. I couldn't answer questions, I couldn't figure out how to turn on the TV. When I did I was amazed about the new episode of a show that I had seen many times.

A trip to the doctor

After several of these episodes, I went to the doctor. He was not interested in what I had to say after migraine. He prescribed sumatriptan which got rid of the aura, lessened the pain and since taking it I haven't had the confusion part, or it has been very mild. I will read a sentence in an email and can't make sense of it.

My life with confusion and migraine

Currently: male, age 61. Frequency: 4 to 6 a year. In the morning, see the aura. Left eye, moon shaped static. Take 100mg of sumatriptan, sit there very scared, and the aura goes away. The headache starts, take another 100mg, that probably makes it hurt less, and "I think because I haven't had it in a while" prevents the confusion. Bad headache for two days, the pain fades over a period of 1 1/2 to 2 weeks.

My triggers are probably light, stress, exertion. Also less likely food, allergens, hot tub, beer.

Thanks for reading, any advice?

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