Considering an IUD with Migraine

Hello everyone,

I've been dealing with episodic migraines for about 13 years now and am considering switching my birth control from a pill to an IUD but can't find much research on the topic so am looking for perspectives from others!

A little background:

I was diagnosed with migraines when I was 21 and spent a few years experimenting to find a treatment path that worked for me. I tried Immitrex and Zomig and found temporary help with each but they eventually stopped working. My neurologist and I decided to change my birth control from Ortho Tri Cyclin to a more even distribution of hormone birth control (currently Junel). I also stack my pills to avoid the "week off" each month which also lessens the number of my migraines.

Since my original diagnosis my migraines have increased in number (going from 3-4/month to 6-7/month) so I have switched to propranolol as a daily option (80mg 2x a day) with Naratriptan as my abortive. I've also stopped drinking red wine and make sure to stay super hydrated (as those are triggers for me).

My migraines aren't completely alleviated but I would say I'm in a pretty good place with my treatment plan. I still have episodic migraines but their frequency and severity has decreased substantially for the time being.

I'm considering switching from a pill to the IUD because of its long term benefits and my personal situation but I don't want to upset the equilibrium I've found with my migraine treatment. My doctor is connecting with her colleagues but I was interested in gauging community experience as well.

Does anyone have experience with this? Have IUDs affected your migraines at all? Any research you've seen?

I really appreciate the help!

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