Crazy Bus Lady

I was diagnosed with migraines 9 years ago. I am usually good at hiding the pain in public but not on Tuesday.

How was my walk to the bus stop?

I took the bus home after the pharmacist was unable to refill my sumatriptan. The pain was rated at 8/9. I walked like a drunk turtle, peering out my one good eye, toward the bus stop.

Fighting nausea, I try to walk near the grass, discreetly heaving every 5 steps. There is a sharp throbbing pain under my jaw, so I find moving my mouth helps. So I'm yakking on invisible gum. Probing my face and neck, trying to discover the pressure point that will relieve this pulsating pain.

How was my bus ride with migraine?

I look crazy walking to the bus. I looked crazier on the air-conditioned bus when the pain and exhaustion became too much. Cold air is my kryptonite.

I spent the 30-minute ride home, huddled under my sweater, crying and praying and making audible sarcastic comments to myself. Needless to say, I will not be taking that bus ever again. And I will never trust the automated pharmacy refill line again.

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