2 Year Intractable Daily Migraine Journey

“That a migraine doesn’t kill you it is both a blessing and a curse”Virginia Woolf.

TMJ and tinnitus seemed to progressively get worse at the same time 2 years ago. I got hearing aids & started Carbocaine injections into jaw muscle spasms . My migraines became more frequent and was just not able to function for several hours after waking. After a while they progressed to some days I had to stay in a dark room.

When my daily intractable migraine began

After my best art show 2018 the migraine hit and never went away. The neurologist put me on topiramate and the pain became more intense I couldn’t bear it the only thing I could think of to stop the pain maybe I could order a guillotine on Amazon? Unfortunately or fortunately they do not sell them so I texted my therapist who got in touch with my other doctors and my oral surgeon responded. When I saw him he was upset they had tried toparamate on me, but since I had started I had to finish the trial but he submitted the paperwork for Botox approval. I have received Botox 100 about every 11 weeks. I also was getting acupuncture and it has helped but the pain still too great for me to function in any sort of way which was my normal.

My new normal

A bad day I try to keep from puking and go back to bed after a few sips of coffee. On a better day I manage to do a few short errands or chores. A year ago I gave myself my first Monthly injection. No change, in fact I have had several very bad days in a dark room most of the time frustrated in a lot of pain what do you take what do you do with the pain? I tried the 2rd type monthly injectable & it made all my joints hurt (still I was stupid enough to try 2 more times). 6 months later when my joints stopped hurting, I tried the 3rd type of monthly injection. It is different than the other 2! Some days are a little better. The FL-41 filtered glasses help in florecent light for a few hours. “It’s not one thing that will cure me, it will be a combination” says my Doc & she will not stop trying.

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