Type 1 Diabetic With Intractable Migraine

I was 16 when I started having Migraine pain and symptoms 24/7. Up until the year I turned 16, I only had 4 years of experience with type 1 diabetes and an occasional migraine. Migraines have always been part of my life through other family members and having an occasional one myself.

An ongoing battle

I remember the very day I turned to my Mum and told her, “It’s not stopping or lessening.” Ever since then, it has been a fight. Whether I’m trying to fight through pain or fight for understanding or treatment I’m always fighting. I have a hard time thinking about all the things I’ve missed and all the things that I’ve had to accept.

Migraine and type 1 diabetes

I am now a disabled, Type 1 Diabetic with low blood sugar seizures, intractable chronic nausea, and vomiting, cluster migraines, and intractable chronic daily migraines. There is also an unending list of side symptoms and injuries that have occurred because of all my issues.

Maintaining hobbies

I am always trying to find the good in all my bad. I was able to get my GED by myself because of my love of reading. I’m always trying things when I can. Lately, my hobby is doing my nails which means that there are a lot of days where only one hand is done or only a few nails. I’m also trying to write stories which, again, with my issues means I have a lot of unfinished stories.

Grateful for relationships

It’s always a daily fight to feeling like I have some quality of life. I am extremely shy even when I was young. Crowds are also an issue for me. Add all of that with the medical and life can get lost. However, living this way has blessed me with relationships that I will have for the rest of my life. I am very blessed to be able to have my Mum as my caregiver instead of having to work on a new relationship.

I have so many stories and insights, but I only have so much space to write. Thank you for reading my life story.

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