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The ending of a pain free life

At 15 I was in a car accident and I hit the windshield... little did I know that was the beginning of my new life...

Fast forward to 2 years after the crash. I was on my way back to class after lunch I remember getting this annoying headache... I thought I need to take something quick because the pain just kept getting worse and worse. I asked a friend for midol thinking maybe I was getting ready to start my period and this was just a nagging headache to start the joy of being a woman. My friend gave it to me and I ran to the bathroom to take it... 15 minutes after taking it the pain started to get worse... and I started to get nauseous from it. I raised my hand and ask my teacher if I could please go to the bathroom and before she said yes I was running out of there to throw up in the bathroom... after I was done yelling at the toilet with such violence I sat there and thought to myself that I was for sure getting the flu... my best friend came and checked on me and I said tell the teacher I am going to the front office to call my mom. As I was walking up the hall I remember the lights were so bright and the pain having this grip on me like I owed it something. I called my Momma and said I wasn't feeling good that if she could please come get me so I could go home and rest. 15 mins seemed like an eternity waiting in the nurses office with a pain I had never felt before... the ride home was HORRIBLE... curves, hills, and cigarette momma was a smoker so yes I had the little devil to deal with too.... anyway as soon as we pulled up she opened the door and I took off running again to the bathroom and I projectile vomited... luckily I made it to the bathroom in time because it hit the shower so there wasn't much of a mess to clean up. (sorry mom) She told me to go lay down and I didn't argue and did that. I remember waking up the next morning and feeling better... but so drained....

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The next one I had lasted 3 days and by the 3rd day my father had decided to take me to the Doctor. And by the time I got there it had lifted and I was feeling better. I went in to see the Dr. and that's when he diagnosed me with migraines. I had no idea what it was all I knew was that I didn't want to live like this anymore. So he prescribed me pain killer Vicodin, Tylenol 3, and a few more... only thing those did was make me nauseous. So then he decided to order Triptans. First one I tried was Relpax that was the first drug that helped with the migraine. I stayed on that for 4 years.

Here I am 17 years later and I still suffer from migraines. Only recently have I found out that my migraines stem from my neck and the nerves in them. Drs before that really tried to look in my diet... look at triggers... and with all those years behind me... I only have 2 that I keep away from. Alcohol and nitrates. Triggers are always changing so I usually cross off a lot and then write new ones... They never stay consistent so I just try to eat a healthy well-balance diet and keep my body moving so that my nerves and joints in my neck stay mobile and unstiff.

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