The Fight

I decided to share nothing but "at the moment" stories with you all as a newbie on & as of 11:30 pm central time, my brain is slowly releaving it's self from a 2 day journey through Graineland. I've traveled through Graineland since a pre-teen. Cat scans at the age of 16 and 18 which produced nothing. My migraines still reign with power.

The nausea feeling; please don't touch me feelings; turn off the lights please, no loud noises please is all my family knows about my battle with migraines. At the moment; I'm finding it hard to even play Marvels DC: Lego Superheros with my five year old. Migraines affect your family life as well. The right side of my brain is pulsating as well as my right eye. My throat is clogged with saliva (a common symptom for me) and my stomach is nauseated. I need fresh air and I'm physically weak from the stomach and head aches combined. Headaches have nothing on MIGRAINES. A totally different ball game we're playing here people but guess what; we came to win & we will. Together let's continue to fight and pray for relief of a beast we all know to well a "Migraine". P.S- Extra strength Excederin is the only thing that stops my migraines. I just took my last 2 tablets so let's see what the next few hours bring. Stay positive 🌹

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