Finally, Zero Pain Every Time

Last updated: August 2022

Please don't let me get your hopes up for total pain relief from migraine. But, that is exactly what I have been experiencing for about 18 years.

How it began

I began my descent into the abyss of migraine pain and nausea at the age of 13 when most of us are subjected to an Exxon tanker ship full of stressful events. Extreme pain, nausea, motionless in a dark place, all the time wishing for the ice picking to stop or just let me slide into a coma. Back then, 55 years ago, doctors were in the dark (sic) about migraine, so I was ordered to take aspirin when a headache erupted.

My migraine journey

Of course, good ol' Bayer failed to do the trick, so another doctor visit provided me with access to Cafergot. That occasionally worked but had to be taken at the precise onslaught of my aura, which was typified by virtual blindness with one-half of my field of vision.

I read and read what I could get my hands on back before the internet. I learned about my triggers which include bright lights or flashes (thanks, concert organizers), loud noises (ditto), stressful interactions with others (world of work), and head impact no matter how slight.

What works for me

I got lucky. I read that despite my many migraines launching with the triggers, many are not much more than severe inflammation. I started carrying four 200 mg ibuprofen tablets with me at all times.

And, to this day, if I take the ibuprofen at the start of my aura, I experience no headache, no pain. About three years ago, I had to prove to myself that this method was, indeed, working for me. So, I started an aura and consciously did not take the ibuprofen. Yep, the headache came on but milder than my headaches from years earlier.

When after I gave up hope of any predictable relief, I discovered a fix for me. It might not suit your circumstances or physiology, but, fellow sufferers, there is hope.

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