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I have been part of the community for better than a year and have used this site as a place to read articles about people who have/are experiencing similar migraine conditions as I am, especially when I'm down in the dumps from such a hard day dealing with the "Disease." I'm a 49 year old male, yes that's right, a male, who has been suffering with chronic migraines for the past 7 years. Before that, I was healthy, active father who was in involved with his children and all of their activities and also found time daily to run 5-7 miles daily. Life was good. Relationship with my wife was great, my children enjoyed dad being around and then "POW."

It began with pains in my feet and minor headaches. My doctors choose to deal with the easiest fix. Eventually after planter facaitis surgery in both feet, a torn MCL in my left knee and a hernia surgery (yes, my body has failed me over theses past 9 years. Recently had a electrical impulse implant placed in my lower back to help control the pain that could not be explained), my headaches went from a minor nuance to a daily pain with extreme side effects; extreme sensitivity to light, nausea, sensitivity to all smells, sensitivity to sounds and extreme tiredness. I went from a "workaholic" to an employee who could not stay awake the entire day. I had become a liability to the company and had to resign, my decision.

With that decision, came often remarks from people about how I, look okay to work, he doesn't seem sick, all the comments we all have heard. The worst of them all, come from my immediate family whose has become extremely tired if me saying I have a migraine and can't do something with them. It has become so common, that they do not even ask me anymore. I don't blame them for their feelings, I know I have become extremely tired of saying it.
I think I have vented enough for my first article. But remember out there are men who are dealing with the same condition(s) you are, but just not as many. Stay strong, and remember to always take your medicine.

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