Gastroparesis Mixed with Migraine

When I was in my 20s and 30s I would get a migraine maybe once a year, if that. The triggers were lack of sleep, stress, fluorescent lighting, that sort of thing. I learned to keep to a regular sleep and meal schedule, and also avoid triggers.

My new normal

Now the migraines have changed to multi-day migraines. At the most severe, they cause gastroparesis to the point that I can't even drink water. They are always triggered by eating too late in the evening and certain foods I have to avoid altogether. I can't have anything fried for dinner, no oil that has been heated. I've learned to cook without oil. Everything has to be past my stomach before I lay down to sleep or I will wake up with a horrendous migraine. It gets gradually better over 4 or 5 days.

A waiting game

The gastroparesis leaves my whole GI tract paralyzed. Time is the only thing that makes it better, so I just sleep as much as possible to escape the pain and nausea. I know it's starting to get better if I can have a bowel movement. Then I know the GI tract is starting to function again.

I can gradually drink fluids and advance to simple carbs. It takes a week or more to be able to function normally and eat my usual portions. It's scary for me not to be able to eat because I am underweight to begin with.

Can anyone else relate?

These episodes are only avoidable by being very strict with my routines and diet to the point that traveling makes me anxious. I've never heard of anyone else who has this kind of trigger. I'd love to know if there are others who have this experience.


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