Great Big Tiny Victories

7am. Aura at retailer dismissed as fasting symptoms.

8am. Sugary breakfast (known trigger)

9am. Headache starts.

10.30am. Bedridden with debilitating migraine.

Where's the victory?

Well, between 10.30 am and 7pm, I managed to avoid the e.d.

The pain, nausea, and vertigo along with a long list of neurological symptoms would have sent me to the emergency department in the past.

This time though, I was able to suppress panic, follow my migraine action plan (m.a.p.), call a friend for yogurt delivery, and otherwise take care of myself.

I live alone most of the time.

The cognitive impairment that goes with Migraine makes self-administering therapies quite a challenge.

Today, though I did it.

It felt like trying to wake oneself from a dream, but I was determined.

I have told myself, that if I am to have migraines, then I am the best person to deal with them.

I'll count it a greater victory, when I get through a 9+ pain without phoning anyone.

I'm glad to have people I can rely on for help. And I'm glad to have managed mostly on my own.

P.S. Thanks doc for the abortives and rescue meds. So much better than going to the hospital! They sometimes fail. Today they worked with me to tamp out migraine.

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