About 10 years ago I was having symptoms that no one could explain!!! not even the 3 neurologist I had seen. I now know its called aura. flashing bright lights, spots, my left side of my head goes numb, like pins and needle and I lose feeling even touching it, I feel nothing and this loss of feeling goes down my entire left side to a point I'm paralyzed. It started out just an hour, hours, to days now.

When I first started these symptoms no one ever heard of these hemiplegic migraines around my area. My mother has aura migraines, they were classified seizures when she was 15 so that's what she states she has.

I am at my wits end here literally. I hadn't had an episode in a few years. All of a sudden 4 days ago I had one out of the blue. I was actually just laying in bed not feeling too well nauseous queazy and than I felt aura and knew what was coming next. I went to the er who the drs there had no idea what i was talking about, I could barely talk at this point, of course they assume I am having a stroke! This time it had lasted 3 days!! days not hours. it seems they have come back pissed. lol...sorry I have to joke because since that day I have had so many aura attacks, went numb and paralyzed over and over and over again. I do not want to go back to the er, my town sucks literally when it comes to health care, I have great insurance they just suck. I had called every neurologists and quizzed them before i would make an appt, I have an appt in APRIL! ugh I am so frustrated at this point and going limp as I type so I am sorry for typos I am typing fast. through my research I did find articles and studies that narcotic pain meds stop and control these types of rare migraines. has anyone heard of this? I have some pills left as I just had foot surgery 2 months ago just didn't need the last refill completely. When I felt the aura today I took a half a vicodin, it actually stopped it, however its happened three times today and coming on again. please anyone tell me what I can do to stop these I am willing to try anything, at this point I have accepted they are probably going to kill me before I get medical help.


Totally frustrated

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