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Bad Migraine symptoms for a few months now…

So I used to suffer from Chronic Tension Headaches about three years ago, they eventually went away on their own after a few months of taking nortryptoline. The headaches recently came back over the past few months and the new headache center I go to said they are actually Chronic Migraine, not tension headache although I do not have most of the classic symptoms of Migraine. I have no aura, sensitives to food or sound and the pain is always on both sides of my head covering most of the forehead and behind the eyes and nose as well. To me it still seems like chronic tension headache but my doctor assured me it was Chronic Migraine, possibly just a variant. I often get very light-headed with these headaches and fill the need to lie down. Stress seems to be the only trigger that often makes it worse.

I have the pain about 90% of the time during waking hours, it varies from extremely severe to just uncomfortable. I have tried various medications and am on 50 MG of nortrypoline now with minimal relief. I am scheduled for my first botox treatment next week and fingers crossed it will help! I also suffer from digestion issues, general fatigue and weakness. Originally doctors thought the head pain was due to a Thyroid Condition but treating that condition did not seem to help the headache. I am also on many supplements to try to decrease the frequency and severity of the pain.

Some days it is almost impossible to work since the pain gets very severe, I was recently given imitrex to try for a severe headache but have yet to try it because of the possibly side effects. Hoping for better days ahead…

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  • Katie M. Golden moderator
    5 years ago

    I encourage you to try the Imitrex. For a large number of Migraine sufferers, medications like Imitrex make a huge difference. There is a potential for side effects with almost any medication you try. Each body is different and you never know until you try. You just need to decide when the medication is doing more good than harm (or vice versa).

    It may be a good idea to write down any side effects you experience so you can discuss with your doctor. Unfortunately finding the right medication for you can take trial and error.

    There are also natuaral ways for you to help manage the pain. Yoga, biofeedback, deep breathing, vitamins and supplements. Here’s a link for you to do some research.

    And I wish you luck with your Botox injections. I personally found it extremely helpful. It may take one to three cycles before you feel the full effects, so don’t get discouraged right away if you don’t get relief.

    I hope you find something soon that works for you!

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