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Is a week without a migraine possible?

As a 28 year-old, I’ve had headaches for as long as I can remember. When having a headache every day of my life was all I’d ever known, I didn’t think to speak up and let my parents know until I was about 13.

My mother took me to my PCP who trialed me on various prescriptions ranging from NSAIDs to migraine-specific medications like Imitrex.

The result? The headaches were still in full effect but then extreme nausea joined the party. I somehow made it through high-school and college, getting by on Excedrin migraine, caffeine, sleep, ice, and remaining holed-up at home. After college, my big-girl job and typical adult stressors took my “headaches” to a whole new level.

Luckily, I no longer get daily headaches, but when I do get a headache, they are completely debilitating: extreme nausea, literally “seeing stars,” my pulse bounding in my temples, sweating, vomiting, sensitivity to light, sound, and smells, irritability, and no relief, regardless of what I try.

I’ve seen a chiropractor, allergist, neurologist and various PCPs. I’ve had MRIs of my brain and sinuses. I’ve tried new prescriptions, birth-control, and OTC remedies like Magnesium. As a respiratory therapist, I have even tried oxygen therapy … all to no avail. I’ve kept a headache diary to track time of month, weather, food triggers, fluid intake, stressors, etc. I can’t seem to find any link.

I am curious to try a gluten free diet but struggle with the worry about implementing it due to cost, menu options, and how drastic of a change it is. I joined’s Twitter to try to stay in-the-know on current trends and maybe learn a few tips and trick to dealing with my migraines.

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  • susanmcelroy
    7 years ago

    I’ve always wondered about a gluten-free diet for myself as well. My story sounds almost identical, except I’m 27 instead of 28! I recently decided to start keeping an “ingredient journal,” and it’s really helped me to single out some additives in food. I’m writing down the time I ate and the ingredients of what I ate (and the ingredients of ingredients – such as what’s in the cheese on the salad you just ate, etc.). I haven’t figured out I’m allergic to gluten, but I did see 7 other food additives – such as artificial colorings and barley – that give me a migraine, some instantly and some as late as 24 hours later. I say give it a shot for a month or two and see what you come up with. It can’t hurt and it’s not that hard if you eat lots of fruit and vegetables in place of alot of processed food.

  • scagey93
    7 years ago

    I know exectly how you feel I have been getting Migraines since I was 7 I was o indoral for 3 years like you tried asprin for migraines chiropractor and I also have low blood sugar as well and my dr gave me Imtrex and it only worked for a month or 2 and then my dr decided birth control and it did nothing. They were getting so bad that I would be in bed for 2 days, and now I am trying Feverfew and Butterbur with vitiman b-2 and magnesium, so far not as bad as they were before, Not sure if you tried that or not, But as far as doctor’s go I have given up.

  • Janet
    7 years ago

    Oh…I meant to say…I’ve tried gluten free…don’t waste your time..itsexpense and doesn’t work…not for me…36 years and I am still trying to find a resolution….the last 8 – 1/2 years of daily migraines. In my daughter lifetime I hope they find a cure, for her sake and those to follow us….

  • Sharon M
    7 years ago

    My heart goes out to you. I’ve also had migraines my whole life and have tried pretty much everything out there – convential and no conventional, also to no avail. I have the same thoughts about trying a gluten-free diet. No easy answers for us.

  • Jodi Jackson Goebel
    7 years ago

    I know exactly how you feel, I have suffered for over 20 years and have lost countless jobs due to “unreliability” because of this disorder. I have tried oxygen therapy, Imitrex, Ergots (which made me vomit immediately on top of the extreme nausea and vomiting due to the condition.) I have had iv therapy with DHE which also made me so sick that I actually got worse. Spinal taps, Hysterectomy, allergy tests, MRI’s, EKG, massage therapy and acupuncture…you name it I have tried it. And after all of that, I am still unable to keep a full time job because no one wants to hire someone who has to miss AT LEAST three days a month due to this disorder. I usually have a knock down migraine once a week with residual headaches on a daily basis. For years I thought I was alone in this, thankfully this website has been a support to me. I wish I had a BIG magic wand to make all our migraines disappear. Here’s to wishing you consecutive days pain free!

  • Janet
    7 years ago

    Gosh I wish your post was before I had inpatient DHE treatment, which was march 12-19, 2012. I was left with serious side effects and like you, migraines got worse if that is even possible. For now I give up in desperation like the docs have. Need to find yet another so I can get refills for zomig and relax …the only thing left for me on the medicine shelf that works. Taking daily though….we all do what we can.
    Janet Las Vegas

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