The Horror of Migraine

When I have a migraine my head feels like it is in a vice grip and one small twist is all it would take to blow my skull into a million pieces. The muscles of my face, shoulders, neck, and back remaining tense and locked as my eyes bulge in pain and horror watching the bone fragments fly away from me at the speed of light!

Migraine takes control

My thoughts are overwhelmed with the intensity of pain coursing through my veins and though I try with all my might to not focus on these physical responses, 9 times out of 10 I fail to take control and steer my way to a sense of wellness. Instead, I soon discover my ability to make and comprehend words is gone.

The questions I ask myself

How can we consider ourselves human when we cannot communicate? How can we consider ourselves safe when we must always live in fear of the next assault on our system? And how in the world can we learn to live a full and rich life as we are crouching in the shadow of our tormentor?

The ever-present threat

That is the horror of chronic migraine. Personally, I experience 18 days a month of migraines and they never last only 4 hours. I take prophylactics for prevention and medications for pain control but always it stalks me. I cannot even sleep peacefully as they haunt me as I sleep as well.

My dream state

And although while sleeping I can still feel the intensity of the pain and I am aware of its existence I do find a sort of peace, and I do live a full and rich life experiencing myself active and healthy and happy… in my dreams.

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