Ever Since I Can Remember

It's hard to remember a time I didn't have migraines. My symptoms are extreme pain, nausea, extreme weakness, vomiting, and light sensitivity. My triggers are getting too hot, eating chocolate, and eating too many carbs. I also get muscle tension headaches that will develop into migraines as well if they get out of control. I've taken many different migraine medicines as well as anti-inflammatory and a combination seems to work best.

The first thing I always do when a migraine starts is to take my meds, have some peanut butter toast (it helps me), and drink cold drinks with ice, especially iced coffee and wait for the meds to kick in. Lots of protein helps. Showers also help, hot at first, then switch to cold. Putting Icy Hot on my temples or wherever the pain has settled also helps. But if I don't have the meds nothing works.

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