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Last updated: February 2018

Hey there. I was checking out migraine resources as I am a reluctant member of the club and thought it would do me some good to share my story. I'm a 54 year old woman who has a full time job. Long history of monthly migraines which diminished as I matured. Went two decades without any migraine activity and then two years ago, intractable migraine, many meds and three neurologists over a debilitating 4 months. Finally got to a headache specialist and received botox injections every 3 months which worked wonders through 5 treatments and my intensity of pain was reduced on most days and experienced days pain free.I was able to return to work, driving and even working out again. the migraine events I did experience were only about 48 hours with 24 hours following of what I call a migraine hangover. I was feeling like I had my life back. Go get a boxtox shot every 3 months, stay hydrated, get sleep, eat right, don't over commit to social activities.

Then the evening of January 22nd happened. I came home from the gym with a chip on my shoulders, a personality change and felt like I was looking for a fight. I put myself to bed and was having a migraine episode. I followed my usually protocol to pass the time until the symptoms subsided, dark room, sunglasses ear plus or headphones, ice pack and heating pad on neck and shoulders. When day #3 came and I still felt awful I thought maybe the botox is wearing off? I waited a few more days, god forbid I overreact and contacted my doctor. Insurance wouldn't approve an earlier than 3 month botox treatment. Dr. saw me in her office and ordered new MRI and MRA. Normal. Steroids ordered, taken and had no effect. botox appointment scheduled, completed and had no effect. Anti-inflammatory ordered, taken and no effect.Why wasn't the treatment that had essential worked miracles, giving me my life back working? Dastardly migraine!

Here I am- 30 days later, sharing my story with an on-line community with folks who get it. Dr. ordered an infusion. Waiting for an infusion appointment. Still symptomatic and can't work in my present condition.

I was able to read the conversations about infusions which helped immensely last night. Trying to stay positive as negativity surely worsens my condition. I found a grocery delivery system which was truly life-saving.

The stories we share would make most folks "shake their damn heads" , however as a migrainer, you and I know that is not a strategy we can advocate.

Peace and Blessings

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