Medication Timing and Emotions

Part One: First Half of This Story

Timing my rescue medications is a challenge. I have 5, 2 must be taken together (one mitigates the side effects of the other as well as reducing vertigo) 1 of those must be separated from 2 others by at least 30 min. I have to take it first in order to keep the others down, but it offers no pain relief only nausea and vertigo. Another must be taken before pain, but not at all if I had brainstem aura. 1 is only one in 24hrs. Another 2 a day six hours apart. Another 2 per migraine each tablet two hours apart (the only one with potential to "break" the migraine.) Another as needed (infant Tylenol, the only NSAID I can tolerate and of course has marginal effect). Another is 2 for the first dose with optional single dose and hour later max three a day.

So confusing!

Taking any 2 of 3 of them to close together or any 3 of them alone, but ahead of schedule or in excess is potentially life-threatening (learned the hard way).

All to be remembered while experiencing cognitive impairment.


I had a Migraine Action Plan in print and on the phone that detailed the order and timing of all the meds for both migraine scenarios (with and without aura). Gave a digital copy to friends and family. Drat but all copies are lost.

I've got to make a laminated card and poster!

Part Two: Emotions as I Experience Them

Migraine Aura can include anxiety, panic, giddiness, euphoria, hypervigilance, agitation, irritability, excess energy, or depression. Migraine pain phase can include fear, dread, hopelessness, suicide-ideation, giddiness, restlessness, loopiness, tearfulness, euphoria, or agitation. Medication side effects include depression, euphoria, agitation, or numbed effect. Migraine and medication hangover can include depression, suicide-ideation, or numbing. Post-migraine can include depression or euphoria.

Really just about any emotion can arise during any phase. Sometimes as a reaction to Migraine, but most often as symptoms that have no relationship to my situation or personal feelings.)


It's all very exhausting.

I share this to give voice to my own experience, but also to help those without migraine better understand the challenges, and to let those with Migraine know "We are together in this. Your suffering is understood. I'm here with you."

Thank you all for being here for me, too.

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