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Midrin Replacement

I have two sons. Both of them have suffered from severe migrains for years. Midrin has been the only migraine medicine that has ever worked for both of them. Their paternal side of their family all suffer from migraines.

My oldest boy has tried everything that has come out on the market and has only been able to abort the migrains successfully with Midrin. I have not been able to accept the fact that Midrin is no longer available and what the doctor gave my youngest for his migrains was Fioricet which has not worked at all.

I myself have also been getting severe headaches that are lasting anywhere from 3 to 6 days. I don’t know if they are migrains because I do not get the auras or numbness that both my sons get. Anyway, that Fioricet was given to me also and does not help me at all.

I will continue to read your website in search for any information given for a real replacement for Midrin. I am hoping that there are enough people who used Midrin with success that we will soon see it back on the market. Thanks for all of your research and information!

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  • Jen
    6 years ago

    This seems to be an old topic, but I wanted to let you know Midrin is BACK! I was able to buy it at CVS and then Sams Club was able to order it in only one day. Word of warning though, it has more than tripled in price. 60 cost about 210.00. With the Sams bonus membership ($100) you can get generics for 40% off so this pays for itself right off. Still worth it.

  • Teri-Robert
    6 years ago

    Glad you were able to get it. Is it the Midrin equivalent made by Macoven? Sorry you’ve been without it. We reported on the Macoven product in Most pharmacies should be able to get it.

  • Kasey Harris
    7 years ago

    I too miss Midrin. I take Relpax, an abortive med, now and nothing aside from Midrin has ever touched my migraines (including Fioricet- what a joke!). I can function on it (drive, go to work and to school etc.) unlike other medicines that render me completely useless. My doctor prescribed it for me last year, she’s a migraine sufferer herself, and I think it works. It’s a different class of drug than Midrin, but it works for me (right now, anyway). Another option that my doctor recommended, several docs actually, is Nortriptyline. It’s an antidepressant, but it’s preferable to the anti-seizure medicines they diagnose for prevention. I cannot attest to it yet, but it’s another option. Hope this helps! If you can, find your own migraine mix. Mine is a Relpax, a Xanax or muscle relaxer, and a cold compress for my aching neck. Good luck to you and your boys!

  • Mandy
    7 years ago

    I can totally relate. I have tried almost everything and midrine was what worked best for me. I am down to 10 pills and treat them as if they’re gold.
    My doctor put me on a daily “cocktail” which consists of an antidepressant (Nortriptyline 50mg)an antiseizure (depakote 500mg) and a low dose blood pressure medication (procardia xl 30mg). It is helping a lot. I now only get a migraine once every two months where as I was getting 3-4 a month. On onset I have a one time use nasal spray that I use (migranal 4 mg)which seems to help me get by. I also have a prescription for nausea (Reglan 10 mg) and it also works great. Unfortunately I am now having to take several medications to compensate for what one use to do.
    However, any thing is better than having several migraines a month.
    Please update what your sons are taking for their migraines.
    good luck!!

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