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Migraine Road: Fighting to Love the Life You Live

My migraine road has taken some detours and my diagnosis was a long time coming. Although I have suffered with migraines for 30 years, I was not diagnosed until I was 30. That means I traveled this road without a name to the pain and I also had some other challenges along the way. I think naming what challenges you make you prepared to face it.

My diagnosis story

I was actually diagnosed with epilepsy prior to my migraine diagnosis. Bonus, epilepsy makes you more prone to migraines. In addition to that and the fact that they were passed to me by my mom, I have eight triggers. So this migraine life is one that comes with challenges.

However, I would say that this journey has had many blessings along the way as well. It is those that have kept me going and that have prompted me to share my story.

Trial and error

Upon my diagnosis, my migraines were not at their worst, but it did take a little time to find the right medication. I will always advocate it is worth the time to find what works for you. Do not give up the fight for the life you want to live. For several years I lived life well on these medicines. I had migraines during this time, but they were somewhat managed.

Life was what I made of it and I was thankful for that time. I was able to teach, date, and marry my husband. I counted myself blessed. So the migraines that popped up were something I was willing to deal with.

Some twists and turns

As the years passed one of my biggest triggers changed my quality of life. Hormones became my worst enemy. Even in the midst of that, I was given the sweetest blessings.

We were so happy to be blessed with our first son and my first pregnancy allowed me to have a break from the migraines for the most part. I still had them, but they were actually better. My doctor joked I should just stay pregnant. We laughed at that plan but were very excited to grow our family.

My neurologist had warned me that my migraines could come back with vengeance and he was right. This led to a path of finding a new treatment plan so that I could be my best for my family. I was able to return to better health, but it seemed that there were a lot of ups and downs. Migraines have taught me to appreciate the good days and to accept healing on the tough ones.

When we decided to try for our second son things looked much different than with our first. My body underwent a rough ride and we almost gave up hope of having our second son. Hormones were at odds with my head and they almost got the best of me. However, they didn’t stop us from blessing number two. Even in the toughest times, I learned there is hope.

Loving the life you live

In order for this to be true, I have had to undergo constant communication with my doctor and take care of myself as a whole. The road has felt long and even impossible on some days, but I have learned that this life is one worth fighting for. I believe you should get to love the life you live.

So I take one day as it comes and I do my best to be present. I am still teaching and so thankful for my family. I have a husband and two boys that have my whole heart. To know them is to know real love and joy.

Because I have felt so blessed and encouraged by the love of my family and friends I have also felt compelled to start my own migraine blog. This is truly just a place to offer migraine sufferers and those that care about them another layer of support.

I point my readers to resources such as for more community and education. I see value in sharing our stories as it helps to know you are not alone. So out of my journey, I have become a stronger teacher, mother, and now blogger as I started

My closing thoughts

My hope for the future is to continue on a path of healing and to find more consistent periods without migraines. They still interfere with life, but they are no longer stopping me from the life I want to live. I also want to tell others that their life is worth fighting for and it is important to not waste time in pain. Seek help from compassionate doctors and reach out to those who care about you.

Migraines are a beast, but with determination and heart, they can be contained.

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