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Migraines and the Opioid Crisis

After suffering from migraines all of my adult life (now 55 yrs old), I finally decided to get daith piercings in each ear and I also requested Aimovig injections. I can truly see a difference in the frequency, as well as, less intensity in the migraines so far. I often feel like a different person. Fast forward to a couple of days ago, I suffered a severe migraine and my husband drove me a local hospital. It was a terrible experience and I feel like this community can help me understand or offer some advice. My migraine was so bad, I could barely talk. I actually felt better moaning through the throbbing pain behind my left eye and the nausea was almost unbearable.

After triage, they rolled me to a room where the doctor asked what typically happens when I come to the ER with a migraine. I whispered, they either give me Phenergan and Demerol or Morphine. The doctor immediately stated we don't have Demerol. I felt as though I had said something wrong due to her response. I had not suffered such a severe migraine since January. A hospital visit is usually the last resort for me due to a $200 deductible. The doctor finally gave me morphine, along with Phenergan. I had a CT scan on my head and another round of morphine. I cried and told my husband that I felt like I had done something wrong because of my migraine. Why can't doctors just treat you based on your level of pain instead of making you feel really small due to the opioid crisis? I have co-workers who avoid going to the hospital for the same reason. Unfortunately, I am still experiencing a nagging pain behind my eye which has me wondering if the doctor even gave me pain medication. What are migraine sufferers to do in this world of opioid addiction?

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