Misery loves company

I'm so grateful to everyone for submitting their stories and making me feel like one of a million instead of one IN a million .

My headaches started with my first pregnancy and would come sporadically by the time I had my third daughter in 4 years they started to come regularly with the weather changes . At 26 I had one so severe I suffered a minor stroke and that has limited the amount of people who can help me . Chiropractors and massage therapists shy away from me and I've found any drugs used for stopping a migraine are rarely prescribed for me . I'm bedridden at least 5 days a week and a year for me consists of up to 65 good days separated by 300 days of what in my mind must be what Hell is like . I'm lucky to live in Canada and my medical expenses are mostly free however ,I did have to pay for sativex and its $900 for approx 3 months . It is an under the tongue spray normally used for people with MS it's a synthetic marijuana and handles my nausea really well , it makes me too loopy to function so alas I will go on just treating the symptoms but as of lately I noticed after 24 years of this that I am immune to morphine and Demerol and have been given dilaudid and fentenol. I was lucky to be accepted into a chronic pain study where they explained to me that my brain has built a super highway to my migraine pain , any pain that I should feel from any other source is always manifested as a migraine . I walked around with a sprained wrist for three days not noticing any pain but migraine . They also told me at the chronic pain centre migraine pain is equivalent to stage 4 cancer but that we don't " get" to die .. Harsh as it sounds sometimes death doesn't seem so bad if it means being pain free.. Before joining migraine.com I always wished for a way to find other people like me and to have a support group . Let's face it none of us would show up to meetings !! I miss all the fun stuff and my rare few good days I'm playing catch up . I'm the mother of four and the majority of the time my kids are understanding when I miss out on their lives. I am grateful that none of them inherited the migraine gene ( so far ) but I have three aunts who have lived into their 80 s still having chronic migraines . My life is not easy and I'd never wish it on my worst enemy but I do act like every headache will be my last and maybe someday I'll be right ! Again I appreciate hearing your stories it's made me feel less isolated.

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