My Daily Migraine Life

I've had a pretty consistent daily migraine since November 9. I'm waiting to see a specialist. When I was in high school, I had these daily migraines for 4 years, found a treatment that seemed to work (Effexor) and was on that for about 4 years. Then I started having kids and went about 12 years either being pregnant or nursing with very few migraines. I would still have menstrual or weather-related attacks. After I finished nursing my youngest, I went back on the Effexor, which I've been using for the past 4 or 5 years. I have no idea why this change since November. Nothing in my life has changed, no move, no new diet, etc.

I get up, get the kids on the bus, go back to sleep until the kids get home, stay awake for them, take them to activities if I'm able, feed them if I'm able, put them to bed, and go to bed myself. I've gotten depressed overall I'm missing.

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