My Migraine at school.

I sat in the classroom aged about 5 or 6, doing my sums; when suddenly I begin too feel quite sick. In the corner of my eye I saw moving jagged lines, that grew bigger and bigger, till I almost went blind.

I felt a strange tingling numbness in my right little finger, spread up across my right-hand. At 6 years old I was frightened, I just didn't understand.

The tingling spread up my arm and down my right-side, I just couldn't feel my leg, there was a throbbing in my head.

I just couldn't sit a moment longer without being violently sick. My hand shot up, and I told my teacher I had too go to the loo. She looked at me and said, (do you really have too)?

I began too retch and retch, my stomach felt so cold and sick. She screamed at me to leave the room, I ran outside not a moment to soon. As I stumbled down the corridor on my way to the toilet, a tingling numbness crossed my face, then at long last, I found the toilet place.

I retched and I retched, my head was spinning I nearly past out, I felt so ill I just wanted to die, at 6 years old I didn't know why. I somehow stumbled back to my classroom helped by a kind young lady. My teacher was mad as I'd been gone so long, and demanded to know, just what was wrong.

Somehow I explained just how I'd gone blind, and about the tingling and numbness’ I felt down one side. The sickness and coldness I felt in my tummy. I just wanted to go home and be with my mummy.

The young lady said it could be a migraine, but my teacher just scolded her. (Only grown-ups get migraines, she loudly did declare). The year was 1953 and in that moment, I felt a bit of my childhood was taken from me. This went on into my teens I'd close my eyes, in class, and just hope the pain would soon pass.

I hated school and left when I could. I soon found a job, and at 15, life was quite good. And at long last I found a good doctor who rid me of my pain, I told him how from the age of 5, I'd suffered from migraine. Just be believed at long last, and not be continually lambaste, finely helped me to bury, my past.

Science and medicine has moved on now. In 2010 1in10-children in the world suffer from migraine. There are now strong medicines and drugs, to help cure this terrible affliction.


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