My Worst Migraine

I was diagnosed in 1999 with Migraines. I recall all my symptoms before being diagnosed. Light, sunlight, lights were so painful to me. I had numerous hospital visits. When I came to the conclusion,that this was more than a bad headache. I was given a cocktail of this and that. I was glad for the relief. My head felt like someone had tied a rope around my head as tight as they could. I felt my head was going to explode. Literally, finally my neurologist diagnosed me. I've had migraines so bad that I literally thought I was finished. I recall not being able to lift up my head, disoriented. I was given a epic pen to use when the attacks would come.It worked sometimes and sometimes it didn't. I was finally given medication now that helps the onset.I had to learn the triggers.I know when I am in a full migraine attack,the slightest of noise drives me crazy.I have educated myself over the years and I am health conscious and really follow my neuroscience teams advice.My doctor is very patient and kind.On my worst days of migraine attacks,I am in the bed.My vision is affected and until their is relief.I don't punish myself.Migraines for me have been hard,because I never know when I may get one.I chart the duration of them and what was I doing when it started.This helps me tremendously.When you aren't able to get around because of the severity of the migraine, no doubt,this is the worst.It is even torture to cry.I'm just grateful for my treatment and my diagnosis. I continue to educate myself about the blood vessels,blood flow and the history of those dreaded migraines.

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