Digesting My Two-Dozen Symptoms

I see people digesting all kinds of things which are difficult to digest. Animal protein is such a thing which takes a toll on our body. It’s an arduous task to digest meat and animal byproducts like milk and egg. Still, we do our best and digest them somehow. Most of us even overlook the acidity, heartburn, acid reflux, bloating, gas, constipation, ulcers, and piles... mere side effects of trying to digest things not meant for our bodies.

We eat processed food forcefully by adding oil and spices to make them palatable. We believe in our digestive system to such an extent that we keep eating junk without caring for our bodies. If only we listened to our bodies sometimes, we would know not to hurt it the way we do.

People can't digest my migraine symptoms

People digest so many things, which is a tough ask. Still, they do. Somehow, they do. But I find them unable to digest my 2 dozen symptoms. No matter how much I try, the examples I use from my 3 decades of experience, and the insights I give from my research. Even writing a book on most of my symptoms didn’t help as my well-wishers are not interested in learning what the symptoms are like and how they affect me. They are interested in discussing everything apart from the symptoms. I am also not interested. But I can’t help it when they push the “why” on me.

“Why?” they ask. I am bound to answer. But still, I wait. When they pester me, I let them know in short. But they don’t like it. When I go deeper, they lose their cool and want to opt out of the conversation. They can’t digest what they hear. This means they were not looking for an answer. They were not curious. They wanted things to be their way. When it wasn’t, they didn’t want to know why. They wanted to know something along the lines of, "are we clear? Are we good to go?" Of course, they want their say to sail through swiftly. But it’s not practical for me. Their point of view says something which doesn’t match my point of view. The disparity leads to the indigestion.

Why don't people understand?

I wonder why. Why can’t they digest my 2 dozen symptoms? Just because they don’t have something similar. This makes me what... a liar in front of their eyes?

They don’t like it. That’s fine. But they can’t call me a liar just because they don’t like the truth. I have become wary of everyone around me suffering a case of indigestion.

Talking about my migraine symptoms

The indigestion led me to not engage in discussions on my symptoms with my well-wishers. Because I don’t see a point, it’s a waste of time for me. I better point them to read "Anything But This," a book I wrote. I would be saving everyone’s time.

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