Getting Worse with Age? New Symptoms?

I've been having my migraines for over 30 years now. In my teenage years I had it twice a month, with a really bad headache. Gradually other symptoms came, sensitivity to light, smell, tingling all over my body, numb hands and feet, dizziness, nausea, vertigo, weakness, body aches, after migraine attacks fatigue, really bad. I started having panic attacks. Lost my first job due to migraines. Year after year it is getting worse. I practically have my migraines every day now. Most of them with a big headache and stiff neck. Unfortunately nothing helps. Excedrin migraine used to help ( I was talking about 8-10 pills a day). Sumatriptan is the only pill that helps ( for the most part of the day). Dark room, cold room, ice packs, massages, caffeine, does not respond. I tried almost everything.

I thought I knew and recognized all the symptoms. For past few weeks I am experiencing another weird feeling. Never had it before. My neurologist thinks it is another migraine symptom. Never had it before. So I feel very tired and weak for few minutes, sometimes with nausea. And after few minutes I feel wonderful. Fresh, energetic, I feel like dancing. And after another few minutes I am very tired and dizzy again. Several minutes go by, I feel great again. And so on and on and on throughout the day or days. It's all new to me and I wonder if anyone has experienced something like this? Thanks!

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