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Botox injections & Success Rate?? And Midrin Experience Please Share

  • By Sarah4422

    Hi all. I’m at my wits end. After many decades of migraines, I’ve run out of abortives that work on me. Last month I woke up with a headache on a Tuesday morning that turned into migraine by the afternoon and the Sprixx nasal spray I had been using and was working to some degree has been stopped being manufactured so I was out of any sort of an abortive! So my migraine lasted for over 4 days but then turned into a cluster headache that did not end for about 2 weeks!! It was utter hell. Even puking brought no relief when it usually brings some! I cannot take any form of Triptans. I’m already on a high’sh dose of 2 narcotics for chronic widespread pain due to other health issues-I do not take extra narcotics when I get a migraine b/c it tends not to help, rather it can give me a rebound headache instead!!!

    So now I’ve been given Midrin. From what I’ve just read I guess im lucky to have been able to get it filled. The articles made it sound like it was no longer on the market but my pharmacy was able to order Midrin with no problem. Is Midrin pretty successful at stopping most peoples’ migraines? What are its side effects?
    Getting to my other main question: are the Botox injections painful? On average how many injections are done in the head and neck? What is the average/general success rate? I thought I read somewhere it was 65% successfull. But I could be totally wrong! Lol.

    I’d love to hear from anyone who has gone thru the Botox injections and hear their opinions and their experience. Do they inject it in your face area too? Does it burn?

    Also-anyone who has taken or takes Midrin-I’d love to know how it has worked or not worked for them. Side effects,etc…

    Thanks for any help you can give!! This Fall I plan on getting in to see a neurologist/headache specialist at John Hopkins Hosp. Having numerous health issues I have to prioritize which issue I deal with in what order and unfortunately my migraines have had to take the backseat but hopefully after I get one more surgery under my belt for something else-I can make my migraines a top
    Priority where they belong. Right now I’m trying to suck up
    All the info I can like a sponge! Lol the best patient is a well educated patient! Thanks again!!

  • By ninjaqutie

    Botox doesn’t burn for me, but the needles themselves hurt when I get jabbed in my skull. I think it all depends on how careful your doctor is. I’ve had three different people do it and my regular doctor is a bit “jabby”. I get maybe around 30 injections or so. I’m still on the fence as to whether it is worth it.

  • By Jules2dl

    The average number of injections is 31, and while the Botox doesn’t burn, the needles can sting a bit. They inject on the forehead and near the eyebrows, but nowhere else on the face.
    I’ve had 2 sets of injections with no results. I’m tempted to forego further treatments but my doc feels that 3 is a fair trial.

  • By labwhisperer

    I am having my 3rd round of Botox next week. After the first set, the number of migraines cut in half. The last round I had much fewer migraine….. Greater than 15 pain days a month to 4 to 5. The pain was much less and my imitrex started working again. The Botox needles do sting but only for a short time. Botox has given me my life back!

  • By Elizabeth

    Hi 🙂 I’m new here and am in the process of looking into Botox treatments for my chronic migraines.

    I do, however, have experience with Midrin. It was taken off the market a few years ago by the FDA but has since been put back on the market. I use it as an abortive and it really helps me alot. When I get a migraine of a pain level of 4 out of 10 or more, I take 2 of them. If they haven’t worked within an hour I take one more. Typically the first dose and 1 additional pill will alleviate my migraine. Only a couple of times over the past year and a half have I had to take a 3rd single pill dose to get rid of the headache.

    Still looking into Botox as I absolutely hate being on 2,500 mg of Depakote ER/day to take my migraines down from 20 – 25/month to 5 or 6 month.

  • By angelde

    I know I’m late in the game for replying but I’ve taken both. I have to say I would be in soooooo much pain and probably out of a job if I didn’t get Botox. After my first set of injections my migraines went from every day at about a 7 on the pain scale to about 15-20 at about a 4-5. I’ve since had two more sets of injections and now have about 13 a month with about 3-4 on a pain scale. I’ve even been able to go off of my topamax and I was at 75mg 2x a day.
    For the Midrin I’ve inky had a dose pack and only once but I had a migraine that was about a 7-8 that was lasting influence for 2.5 days already. My neurologist prescribed me a 6 day Midrin back and by the end of day two or beginning of day three the pain had gone down to a 3 and was gone the 4th day. No pain medications had touched the pain at all, not even the oxycodone. Now I have one that I can have standby the next time I get a bad migraine that’s lasting too long to prevent a trip to the ER. I’m currently on Botox and Verapamil for prevention, have Maxalt and Midrin for aborting and oxycodone as a rescue. So far it’s the best combination I have

  • By Elizabeth Blakesley

    Update on Botox ~~ My insurance approved coverage 100% and I had my first treatment on November 20 (it will be 4 weeks on Friday). I am also fully weaned off my 2,500 mg/day of Depakote ER. I didn’t know what to expect either about the treatment itself and afterwards.

    The appointment only took about 15 minutes and I started out with 18 injections – temples, back of neck, in between my eyes and my forehead. For the most part they felt like mosquitoe bites but a couple did make me wince and were a tad more uncomfortable (I can’t really call it pain). The neurologist told me that I may have a stiff neck for a while, although I didn’t have that happen at all. She also warned me that the movement of my eyebrows would become restricted. Well, that has happened, but no one else would ever notice it – but I definitely can’t frown with them as deeply as I could before (and I can’t complain about the cosmetic side effects!)

    As for effectiveness, I had been having 20 to 25 month and the Depakote ER took that down to 5-6/month. That in itself was a HUGE relief, but after 2 years of that huge dosage, I really wanted to get off from it. The neurologist told me that the Botox may not lessen them below that 5-6/month (which is ok, my goal was remaining neutral at minimum – just so I could quit the daily pills). In the past 4 weeks, I have only had 3 migraines and they were at a pain level of 4!!! I haven’t needed my Midrin as an abortive at all this month. If this is truly how life will be with Botox every 3 months ~ I will be extremely pleased ~ especially because all 3 of those migraines occurred at times I would have expected to get one (Thanksgiving flights to visit family and crazy airports) and one the day after I received the injection. I haven’t had a single one since December 1 ~ 16 days straight!!!

    I can’t say that Botox is for everyone ~ but I think I have certainly found my best combination for preventative and abortive (I already know that Midrin can kill a migraine in it’s tracks for me within 2 hours).

  • By migraine-guy

    hi all,
    I’m not sure if this is where I should post this, but I have my first Botox injection procedure tomorrow morning. I have been waiting for months for the appointment and I trust my neurologist who said he’s doing the procedure/injections himself (Dr Paul Rizzoli, Brigham & Women’s /Faulkner Headache Center).

    I am anxious about tomorrow. I think I am nervous about the injections themselves although I don’t have problems with needles. I think I am also anxious about the outcome. I know it could go either way or I won’t know anything until the next or third treatment .
    I am really hoping this will work. Been through so much that has not.
    What should I expect the day of injections? Will my body have side effects or a likely headache from the procedure? I’ve read about the flu like symptoms also .


  • By Elizabeth

    I had my first Botox treatment in November. I felt very much the way you do. On the day of the appt., the neurologist doing the procedure spent about 10 to 15 minutes discussing this treatment option with me. She let me know of the side effects I could experience and then we went ahead with the procedure.

    She did not start out with the full 30-something injections, but rather with 17 or so. Like with other medications, they start at a low dosage and increase it if necessary. Some of the injections I didn’t feel at all and others I did. I can’t say it was painful, but I did feel them. The neurologist was very patient and let me know she’d stop and wait at anytime I wanted her to.

    Following the injections, she sent me home with an ice pack for my neck. I was warned that I could possibly have a stiff neck for several days to a couple weeks and that I may experience a headache in the couple days following. I never had the stiff neck, but I did have a headache the next day (4 out of 10 on a pain scale) and my Midrin took care of it rather quickly. I did not have any flu-like symptoms or any other symptoms other than the headache the next day.

    Since the day I had my procedure about a month and a half ago, I’ve had 6 migraines — I consider this to be successful as my Depakote had them down to about 8 per month. I will go back on February 10 and the neurologist and I will decide together whether to up the dose or not.

    I can tell you this — for me, at least, if it came down to 2,500 mg of Depakote ER daily or Botox injections once every 3 months with the exact same results…I’d go Botox every time. I am tired of putting large doses of medication into my body daily. This way there is no remembering to take the medication or feeling nauseated after taking them.

    The biggest downside I saw before the injections was that if I did have an adverse effect, there is no way to remove it from your system. You have to just let time do its thing and not have another one.

    Good luck and let us know how it goes!!!!!

  • By migraine-guy

    thank you for the great response and sharing your experience. I should mention that I have been on 750 mg of Depakote for ovary year and recently went up to 1000 mg. I would love to get off of it
    on my own other meds for other conditions which is hard on the liver, and would like to decrease the Depakote which has led to weight gain and daytime sleepiness.

    I will post an update tomorrow.

  • By Elizabeth

    Thanks and good luck!!!

    I should mention ~~ I did wean off my 2,500 mg/Depakote over the course of about 8 weeks starting a little over a month before my first Botox injection. I made sure to ask if the Botox didn’t work if I could go back on the Depakote and the neurologist assured me that wouldn’t be a problem. In fact, one can be on both at the same time, so if Botox doesn’t work, Depakote can be started again before that 3 month time frame is up.