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Fioricet and Maxalt

  • By redsox72

    Fioricet and Maxalt are life savers! For years I only took Fioricet and it did nothing for hormone headaches. Then I discovered Maxalt and I got my life back Now I can take a Fioricet and if that doesn’t kick it, add Maxalt and drink coffee. I can hit em hard and cut the migraine from 3 days, minimum, to hours. But I have to fight my insurance company for Maxalt. That’s a whole other topic. But every day is a new adventure, said with a mouthful of sarcasm. I never know how much sleep, or lack thereof, will trigger me. Foods, It’s a crapshoot. I just want one day with no pain!

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  • By Nancy Harris Bonk Moderator

    Hi redsox72,

    So true! We can be the “perfect” migraine disease patient, avoiding our triggers, getting enough sleep, staying hydrated but still have a migraine attack! So frustrating.

    I hate to be a “debbie downer” but wonder how many days you are taking the pain reliever and Maxalt? If we take these medications (pain relievers and/or migraine medications) more than two to three days a week, we may unknowingly create another type of headache disorder called rebound or medication overuse headache. If we are in a rebound cycle our migraine attacks may be more difficult to treat and we can end up in a daily cycle of pain that too is hard to treat. I’ve been here and it stinks! When you get a moment take a look at this information;

    I hope this helps!

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  • By GardensatNight

    Redsox, have you tried the full elimination diet to see if that helped? I know I didn’t realize how much diet was affecting my headaches until I got those foods out of my system.

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  • By redsox72

    Elimination diet – check. Backed way off on Fioricet and Maxalt – just went through weeks of hell cause I backed way off my meds. Now the migraines are more manageable.

    I had a follow up with my NP for an unrelated issue and discussed my migraines. Another doctor in the practice made me back on my meds and I was under the impression that I would no longer be given pain meds. I told her that I was afraid she wouldn’t give me any more Fioricet and I was reassured that she would still give me refills. Talk about relief!

    I am so tired of having to explain that I’ve had daily migraines for most of my life, EVEN BEFORE I started Fioricet. The doctors think my headaches only got really bad when I started on that one medication. They think the migraines will magically totally go away! NO! So frustrating.

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