Light Sensitivity and FL-41

  • By Pendragon

    Ah, right. Thanks for that.
    Another question, then:
    Has anyone gone from normal polarized sunglasses to these and found an improvement? I’ve been wearing the darkest sunglasses I can find for about eleven months, but if these are better, plus less tinted, that feels very much win-win.

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  • By KatherineO

    I have a pair of TheraSpecs FL-41 sunglasses that have my trifocal RX in them. I don’t wear them all the time as I usually just use the polarized clipons that go with my regular glasses. But I do wear them when I know I’m going to be in a situation where glare, one of my major triggers, is going to be a problem. Yesterday I had a 40 mile drive along a highway with a lot of glare. I wore the TheraSpecs for the drive and my head was fine. I still saw a bit of glare, but it didn’t seem to trigger a headache. I probably should use them more often, as this has been a particularly bad month.

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