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Medications & Prescription Treatment

Medical Marijuana for pain?

  • By Maveric

    Hi Guys, I’m helping a friend who’s suffering from migraine. I need some advice on a certain strain that would be very effective when it comes to pain management or anyone who have tried using cannabis for migraine. So far Blueberry is on top of my list. I got it’s details from Let me know your thoughts on this. Thanks

  • By Dana

    I was just approved for my medicinal marijuana card. I have an appt this week to go pick up my card, but I’ve been doing some research too and I’ve read sour diesel is a strain specific for head pain. I’m going to check out blueberry. Let me know if you come across anything else. Good luck to your friend. I hope it helps

  • By AnnAnd

    I prefer edibles/tinctures for my migraines, but if I am going to smoke or vape for pain my favorite strains are Girl Scout Cookies and Blue Cookies, (GSC Blueberry hybrid). Sour Diesel makes me a little anxious/paranoid which is more common with Sativas than Indicas. My best luck has been with hybrids rather than pure Sativa or Indica strains.

    If you haven’t been to a dispensary before, usually the people working are very knowledgeable (from my experience) and can recommend good strains for whatever issues you have. I also really like for researching- there is very detailed info on pretty much every strain I’ve searched.

    I just posted in another thread about my routine using cannabis edibles/tinctures which might be helpful to someone new to using medical cannabis for migraines :

  • By absentminded

    I know this thread is quite old but figured it wouldn’t hurt say something. I suffer from chronic migraines and take Inderal and Trokendi for preventatives. I use Imitrex injections and Zanaflex for abortives.

    Anyway! I’m a daily cannabis user and cannabis helps tremendously with my migraines and head pain. If I have a serious migraine, I can smoke and it decreases my pain by 50% and knocks out my nausea and vomiting. It doesn’t stop the beastly-4-day migraines but it makes it more tolerable. For migraines that last longer then 3 days, I use Migranol (DHE 45 nasal spray) or my neurologist gives me a pack of Pred.

    Overall, cannabis is a great arsenal against my migraines, I highly recommend it for those suffering with chronic migraines or cluster headaches.

  • By merl

    I have a prescription for medical cannabis and often use the oil (1:1, CBD:THC) when I feel a bad one coming on. The best smoking or vaping strain for pain I find is sour diesel, but I only use a very small amount or I get anxious. Purple kush is great for sleep and trying to relax. Honestly, cannabis has been a life saver! No more opiates for me!