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By Kerrie Smyres - February 20, 2018
The gammaCore, an external vagus nerve stimulator, received FDA approval for treating migraine on January 29, 2018. I’ve been using it since June 2016 and it’s the most effective treatment I’ve ever... READ MORE

By maria.deleon - February 19, 2018
Having lived with migraines nearly my entire life I can tell you that with the exception of a pain in the head, that hits like a brick thrown at you suddenly, the... READ MORE

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2 Answers Submitted By ddevendorf - February 18, 2018

My neurologist diagnosed alll my almost daily headaches as migraines. This means I have about 20-25 migraines per month.. I treat the low to moderate pain with low dosage Vicodin which lessens… READ MORE

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By southsidegirl66 - February 14, 2018
In 2014 I was diagnosed with status migrainous which is a very rare condition in which there is debilitating pain for more than 72 hours. This condition can cause a stroke. My... READ MORE

By charmin - February 8, 2018
I have been getting ocular migraines for years off and on. I am having them more than ever now and with some rather frightening experiences! A short time after the ocular migraine,... READ MORE

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