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About Kerrie Smyres

Now in her late 30s, Kerrie has had chronic migraine since she was 11. She's been writing about migraine and headache disorders on her blog, The Daily Headache, since 2005. Kerrie is also the cofounder of TheraSpecs, which makes eyewear for migraine and photophobia relief.

By Kerrie Smyres - October 6, 2016
You know what’s contributors and moderators think about migraine, but there’s more to us than migraine. We’re doing a Getting to Know… series to introduce you to the people behind the names. We’re sharing... READ MORE

By Kerrie Smyres - September 21, 2016
The headache specialist said: “Research is finding new treatments, but nothing is available to help you now. You’re the same age as my daughter. I would want her to have relief while she waits... READ MORE

By Kerrie Smyres - September 19, 2016
“I’m sorry my work is late. I have migraines both days every weekend,” my classmate in an online science class told me when I called to talk to her about our group... READ MORE

By Kerrie Smyres - September 9, 2016
“Facebook is a catalog of food I can’t eat, places I can’t go, events I can’t attend, and friends I can’t spend time with.” That’s what I told my husband yesterday after I... READ MORE

By Kerrie Smyres - August 19, 2016
“It’s too much. All these people racing down the sidewalk, the traffic, the noise… I feel like I can’t breathe, like I’m being crushed.” This was my assessment of the streets of... READ MORE

By Kerrie Smyres - June 30, 2016
Readers often ask about something they call “cluster migraine”. It’s not an official diagnosis in the International Classification of Headache Disorders, so delving into the topic took some sleuthing. I found the following... READ MORE