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Anyone had experience with Mayo, MN?

I live about 3 hours from Mayo clinic in Rochester, MN. We are near St Paul. My daughter (a high school senior) is on her 4th week of migraines coming and going (mostly staying) that have kept her out of school most of that time. We aren't too happy with the neurological clinic she is going to now. They are fine to deal with in person, but are horrible at returning phone calls and responding when you really need help.

We are thinking about trying Mayo clinic, but I've heard mixed things about them. I'm wondering if anyone has had a positive experience?

  1. Hi AmyRB,

    I haven't been to this facility, but do know there are a number of board certified doctors there. Information on how to locate a doctor for your daughter to see can be found in this link;

    Good luck

    1. Hmmm... sounds suspiciously similar to my experience at a certain neurological clinic in MN.

      I don't know about Mayo for migraines, but it is supposed to be a fantastic hospital overall, so it may be worth a shot. Just know that they are hard to get into, and there is a mountain of paperwork.

      I have heard good things about the U of M if you haven't tried them yet, and I don't think the wait is as long

      1. Ive been there and didnt consider the experience anything remarkable. I have post traumatic HA with a HX of concussive syndrome as well and they werent even interested in that. They kept telling me migraine is hereditary and I kept telling them NOBODY in my family suffers from migraines.

        Basically you go there, fill out and fill out a questionaire on a PC consisting of about 50 questions (will be helpful if your daughter writes down all her s/sx, meds, aura if any etc) and eventually a doc will come in and tell you how everyone else is wrong and how great they are.

        Having said that I still think you should go and try them for at least a year. And they aren't 3 hours from St Paul try maybe 1.5 hours.

        Good luck

        1. AmyRB,
          I haven't been to Mayo either, but several members have. This forum thread may help answer some of your questions:


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