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Are these symptoms normal?

Before a migraine my head feels bruised behind one or both eyes and temples. It's really unpleasant and I haven't read about that symptom anywhere.

During.. well, today it felt like something big was pushing against the right side of my head and making it feel pressurized.

Right now (after) my body feels fuzzy and I'm a bit nauseous, almost exactly like I've taken an opioid, except I haven't!

These are just the things that are concerning me the most right now. Are they normal?

  1. Oliviaruth,
    Thanks for posting in our forums!
    Migraine symptoms can manifest in a variety of ways. Pain in the temples and eyes are very common yet the way people describe the pain can be quite different. I too get a bruised, throbbing feeling behind my eyes that worsens if I don't take an abortive medication. Nausea is also one of the most common symptoms, though the underlying cause is not clear. Though I'm lucky I never vomit, my nausea can get so severe that I have to eat a piece of bread, drink ginger ale and lay down.
    In addition to the feedback I hope you get from our community, I thought you may be interested in reading more about migraine symptoms on our website: Note that on the left you can click on a specific symptom to read more about it.
    If your symptoms change or worsen, we encourage you to reach out to your doctor.
    Jillian ( Team)

    1. I've had that bruised feeling, it's awful isn't it? Almost nothing leads to a sense of panic faster than feeling bruised and not knowing why. 😀 (especially around eyes, or brain)
      I've taken to thinking of it as the traffic jam of pain signals inside my brain, confusing the signals that control blood vessel swelling and sensations. I figure if I relax (as much as possible) it will all slow down eventually and resolve.

      1. Hmmmm I always get the bruised feeling as a post drone after the migraine. I get lots of other warning but that bruised feeling sucks and lasts for days. I swear it's actually bruised from the migraine, ice helps and essential oils for me, wonder if they would help beforehand as well? I have to lay down and not move my head, any movement triggers pain like you are moving and using a sprained limb. I get the pressurized feeling sometimes as well

        Fuzzy and extreme nausea definitely happen before every migraine. Fuzzy to the point of literally standing there and not able to formulate words or thoughts. Gravol is my best friend and I use it more days than not because of the constant pain. Downside I'm starting to not respond to it 🙁. Sleep is the only thing that I can handle during that phase, I can't even follow simple tv shows or wash dishes without getting confused. Sucks ....

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