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Aura migraines

I am to be a new aura member - I am 77 yrs - a history beginning with severe Vertigo in early 80's progressing to tinnitus to diagnosed Menieres - then diagnosed with TIA stroke April 2023 to then be told thro the stroke clinic (after tests) I am having Aura migraine - didnot realise until I found this wonderful/informative chat for me - am experiencing so many problems that I didn't realise were proven symptoms - will update my chat soon- have just registered - is a late evening- but has lifted me to know that what I am experiencing are Aura migraines! Thankyou for listening to me - will talk again soon.

  1. Hi - Thanks so much for taking the time to post about your new diagnosis. You've definitely come to the right place for information about it! What you've shared in your post is a surprisingly common experience with those living with hemiplegic migraines. Hemiplegic migraines often "mimic" a stroke, by causing muscle weakness. Here's a link for more info: We also have an entire article discussing the differences between a TIA (stroke) and migraine, which you can find here: There is also a wonderful forum post with other people sharing their lived experience with this type of aura, which you can find here: I hope that these resources are helpful. If you have any follow-up questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to post again. We're here to help! - Cody (Team Member)

    1. I am 68 years old and have dealt with optical migraines most of my life.The dr told me there is nothing they can give me to stop them that I just need to wait it out untill they pass 20 to 25 min. I use to freak out about them but am better now dealing with them. Back in the day they knew nothing about this kind of migraine and said it could be a stroke.

      1. Thank you for joining the conversation and sharing your experience with us. You're not alone in living with migraine with aura, commonly referred to as "optical migraine."
        There are medications that work to stop the migraine process and those that prevent them. And the thing is if we have four or more attacks a month, it's time to discuss migraine prevention with the doctor. May I ask how may attacks you get each month? If we don't treat our attacks properly we can transforms from episodic (14 or fewer migraine days a month to chronic (15 or more attacks a month) fairly quickly. No one wants to be chronic.
        Take a look at this information when you get a chance;
        Another thought would be to see a doctor who is a true expert in treating migraine and headache disease. General neurologists may be fine doctors but have a hard time being experts in one area because they treat so many conditions such as stroke, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's and more. Many general neurologists who treat people with migraine and headache disease claim to be experts but that may not be 100% accurate. A true migraine expert is board certified in headache medicine not all neurologists have, and treats migraine and headache all day, every day. Here is more information on why these doctors are beneficial and where to find them;

        Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and I'm sending you pain free wishes, Nancy Harris Bonk, Patient Leader/Moderator Team Member

      2. about time money was spent on research worldwide rather than trying to master space!!

    2. Depending on the weather is how many optical migraines I will have sometimes four sometimes a little bit more a month for years I have taken Inderal and Zoloft this helped for many years at keeping them away, but I stopped the Zoloft because it was messing with my head and the migraines return slowly then, when my son died, I took up smoking again after many years due to stress the smoking seem to increase the migraines.

      1. I am so very sorry to hear about your son passing away. Emotional stress can certainly increase our risk of more migraine attacks.
        Smoking, changes in the barometric pressure can also increase our risk of attacks. Let me share our information on weather triggered migraine attacks with you;

        I've also found WeatherX ear plugs to be beneficial. They have app that can alert us to changes in the pressure so we can prepare as much as possible for upcoming shifts. Here is their website;
        I hope this information is beneficial and look forward to hearing from you again, Nancy Harris Bonk, Patient Leader/Moderator Team Member

      2. Checking in to see how the weather has been treating you currently. I hope the weather is agreeable and your pain is low. Wishing your well. Rebecca (team member)

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