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Boating and Pain

Has anyone contributed their migraines and back/shoulder pain with boating?
I feel like whenever I go out on our boat I get a migraine and pain in my neck and shoulders… I’m wondering if the rocking of the bot could cause this.

  1. Hi ,
    Personally, I can't say because I don't go boating. It aggravates my dizziness symptoms, which are part of my migraine attacks. It wouldn't surprise me if boating could be a migraine trigger for some people. Do you keep a migraine diary? That would be a good way to track exactly when you have migraine attacks and whether boating affects them.

    Hopefully, some other people will join in with their experiences with boating. In the meantime, take care.
    Peggy ( team)

    1. - I wouldn't doubt that being on a boat and constantly trying to steady yourself for hours would promote sore neck and back pain and trigger migraine episodes. Biking does this to me as I lean forward to reach for and lean on the handlebars where I kink my neck and head. It always results in, at least, a bad headache. I find being on a beach cruiser sitting up straight much more comfortable and tolerable while peddling. Hope there's a way to can continue to go out on your boat but manage to lessen the migraine episodes. Warmly ~ Rebecca (comm advc)

      1. Being on a boat does trigger migraine attacks for me as well- it stirs up my nausea and then seems to just trip me up neurologically overall. I wouldn't be surprised if that's what may be occurring for you as well. Thanks for posing the question for the community. Warmly- Holly team.

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