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Botox for eye pain?

About a year and a half ago I started to have pain around my left eye as part of my migraine attack. Prior, my attacks were always in the back of my head and neck.
It is not just the pain around my eye, my vision is affected, like an aura. In these episodes I have to either where an eye patch (and look like a pirate wench) with my Theraspecs. There is no driving during these migraines, as I went off the road once, thinking my aura was a vehicle veering into me.
I was prescribed Tegretol and it all stopped for a few weeks. Then the pain was breaking through before I was to take the second dose. My dosage was increased slightly and I had a bad reaction. I just cried because if I had just made the lower dose work, this annoying pain would be gone.
Has anyone had Botox to calm the nerves around the eye? My doctor wants me to try the new CGRP IV infusion. Ubrelvy makes me so nauseous and I have some anxiety issues. The IV is much stronger than the Ubrelvy and I have my reservations. I had Botox years ago, but not around my eye. Thanks in Advance 🤗🤗

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    Thank you for reaching out and sharing your story with us. It is not uncommon for our migraine patterns and symptoms to change over time. The thing is when they do, it's always a good idea to let the doctor know so he can make sure everything checks out OK.
    Having said that, Botox helps to prevent migraine attacks and associated symptoms. And it can take some people four rounds of injections before they see improvement, it did for me! I've been getting Botox since 2016 and find it very beneficial. Will you keep us posted if you try it again?
    Nancy Harris Bonk Patient Advocate/Moderator

    1. Well I have just had another highly educated Specialist tell me there is nothing left to do for me. As many times as I have heard it, I should be used to it, but it still feel hopeless. My fiancé is a very positive up beat guy which is endearing most of the time. He told me to move on to the next and I know even deep down in this dark pit of hopelessness he is right, but I need some time to suck it up … that sucker punch hurts.
      The latest disappointment went through my chart all the way back to 1995, the year I had my first migraine. A for effort i guess. In the two years the CGRPS have been out, I tried them all with no success. I’ve not been diagnosed with cluster headaches or Fibromyalgia, however I have read as much as I can about them and no I’m not a doctor but I live in this body, things aren’t right. I guess I should find a doctor to help with that.

      1. Take your time. It's totally natural to feel defeated and beaten down when your doctor runs out of ideas. I'm glad you have your fiance to encourage you -- even one supportive person can make all the difference. When you're ready, I hope you find the strength to keep advocating for yourself, and that the right doctor can give you the answers you need. We're here to support you. Hang in there! -Melissa, team

      2. please don't let a Doctor's/Specialist's lack of enthusiasm for answers, deter you from seeking answers. Many have found successful treatments to control their migraines, we are all different, and have vary degrees, and symptoms and reasons why we get our migraines. So don't ever give up hope, that is what keeps us going. One day, they WILL SAY, if it wasn't for all those persistent migraine sufferers who went before us, we wouldn't have such and such a cure now. Because one day, they will. Ìve had mine for 58 years now, sometimes I feel very beaten up, but if I truly give up, what's next? I'm not ready to do that. Ice bags on my head, staying quiet, just getting through it some days, but we're still living. With great support like this group, we're normal, we have people who truly understand, and that's fabulous!
        Just keep a journal, food, weather, emoti o nal upsets, etc see if anything jumps out at you too.
        My best wishes, Marg

    2. Thank you

      1. We're thinking of you- and we're with you. Warmly, Holly ( team).

    3. , Is it at all possible that this is actually a vision problem? My story is a bit different, but I recently had a very unique approach from an eye doctor who specializes in brain trauma that affects people's vision and results in headaches. I had a head injury as a child that wasn't treated or diagnosed, resulting in migraines from then on. They increased over my lifetime to where I am now, at 23-27 days of migraine per month. This doctor spent 3 hours testing me and then painted clear nail polish down the inside part of my glasses by my nose. My migraine eased up in an hour. He said this was to slow down the images going to my brain so the brain didn't have to work so hard to realign the images from my eyes. Next I was sent to another eye specialist for special scleral contacts which I will wear in addition to new glasses with the nail polish down the middle. It will take many months of reassessing my vision, but I have already dropped down to only 19 days of migraine in 1 month. They feel confident that we will eventually drop down another 5 days more. These tests are different from just checking your eye sight. Surely these are not the only eye doctors who know about this type of vision problems. Btw, I also get botox shots and the last round was to include my eyebrows where most of my pain manifests itself. In addition to this, I am on Aimovig, but neither of these had results like the nail polish on my glasses. It's so crazy, but here locally, Dr Bowersox has helped dozens and dozens of us.

      1. That's wild!!! Good for you! Can you share a picture of your glasses? I'm having trouble picturing where the polish was applied. Don't worry, we don't need to see your face unless you want to share it! -Melissa, team

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