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Anyone get a weird burning sensation on the side of their head where the migraine uses ends up?

  1. Sometimes. More often, for me, it's like someone's ramming an ice-pick through the wrong side of my eyeball or my brain... Or trying to burst through from the inside of my skull...
    The big thing I'm curious about is anyone else finds (esp in their 40s onwards) at a certain point in prodrome, all of a sudden things that are firmly held in your hand keep dropping out? Pens, knives, cups, books, etc. no real pattern. When the docs test, there's weakening of grip and no sign of TIA or stroke.

    1. - everyone describes their pain differently. While a burning sensation doesn't always happen to me, I find that every once in a while if I've been lying on one side during an attack that my head will begin to "burn." If I move or sit up, it can alleviate that type of pain. If the burning sensation is a new symptom for you, you should mention it to your doctor.

      @JOJ- I'm not quite in my 40s yet, but over time I definitely notice that I drop more things or misjudge a step. I chalk it up to Migraine "Fog." I'm glad you've gotten it checked out to rule out something more serious.

      Neither of you are alone!
      -Katie Moderator

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