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candida overgrowth

Has anyone heard of Candida overgrowth? Candida is a kind of yeast/fungus in the gut. It sometimes flourishes and causes problems. I found one site that described my aches and problems well, but it was on holistic websites.
My gyn found candida in my pap. She is away for the week so I will talk to her next week.
I am grasping at straws... But is it possible I found a cause and possibly treatment?

  1. Hi ttchica78,

    I wish I could say this were true, but migraine is a genetic neurological disorder which is thought to be caused by overactive neurons in our brains and genetics.

    Candida overgrowth however may be a migraine trigger for you. Any time our body experiences undue stress, for example if we have a cold or virus, an attack may occur. Example would be if we have issues with our thyroid, or have the flu these things may trigger a migraine attack. We have information in this link that may help:

    Have you by any chance kept a detailed migraine diary recently? This may be a good idea as our migraine patterns and triggers change over time. Take a look at this information on migraine diary basics:

    I hope this helps,

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