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My Son Has Weird Migraines

My son suffers from migraines. He has had them since he was 5 years old.

My son's migraine experience

He doesn't always get a headache but has vomiting, nystagmus, vertigo, sensitivity to light, and weakness in his legs. He is unable to do most things for himself when he gets these. He has problems walking by himself. We have been to numerous Dr.'s and they say it is migraines.

Does anyone else get these symptoms?

I was wondering if anyone else here has the same type of issues and if they have found anything that helps them.

Hope everyone has a great day.


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    It is definitely possible to have migraine symptoms that don't include pain. Has your son seen a doctor that specializes in the treatment of migraine disorders? This would be the best kind of doctor to visit. Here is a link to a website that can help you find a doctor.
    ~ Peggy ( team)

    1. To echo what Peggy said, weakness, numbness and tingling, difficulty speaking and processing information, vertigo and vision issues can all be a part of the migraine experience. Don't be afraid to seek out the opinions of other doctors along the way. And we're here, too. -Melissa, team

      1. Same for me! Sometimes my migraines are just a constant sensation of needing to throw up or motion sickness triggered by moving screens, bright lights, and dotted sounds like your son might have an atypical or vestibular migraine. Definitely worth seeing a neurologist and maybe even an ENT specialist to see if his symptoms are movement related and potentially caused by an inner ear issue! Best of luck to you and your son!

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