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Cervical Epidural Steroid Injection

Hi, I was just wondering if anyone has had a Cervical Epidural Steroid Injection for their migraines? I just got one a few days ago, and I am still sore from it. I was wondering how you have reacted to it, if helped, and how long it lasted for you. I would appreciate any input. Thanks.

  1. Hi Sams,

    I'm sorry you're uncomfortable after your procedure, I can imagine you'd be sore for a bit. I've not had this done, but know others who've had experienced relief.

    Did they give you any post-care instructions? If so, you may want to look at them and see if there are any tips on it. If the pain continues I would contact the doctor.

    Let us know how you are feeling, OK?

    1. Hi Sams!

      I am actually setting up my appointment for my CESI this week. I know with my Occipital Nerve Block, unfortunately, at least for me, it took 7 weeks for the pain to go away and needless to say I wasn't sure which was worse, my daily migraine or the pain from the block but things do happen. However, I am looking forward to seeing if the CESI can work. I get 20 or so migraines a month, so I am keeping my fingers crossed.

      Good luck, and I will keep my eyes open and will be hoping you wouldn't mind sharing how the procedure is working for you! I am hoping that you are pain free at this time too!

      1. Hi smalsch,
        I hope u have good luck with ur procedure. I was really sore (and had a pressure sensation) for 2 or 3 day, still sore for about a week+ from it.i don't think it helped me very much at all. But since I don't really have pain in my neck or back of the head it was kinda a long shot but that's what u do when Uve exhausted all ur other options. I still have head Pain all day everyday but my severe days have lessened some possible from my 2nd round of botox. i am still looking for more options|procedures|etc.. I hope you find relief.

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