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Cervicogenic Headaches/Migraines making me miserable

Cervicogenic Migraines have been killing me lately. Have completely disabled me. On constant daily painkillers. Migraine preventive doesn’t help as the headache originates in the neck & is worse when I wake up every morning.

Can someone please suggest what should I do?

All this pain and lack of sleep and poor quality of life is making my brain so clouded that I don’t know what should I do.

Any help or suggestions would be geatly appreciated.

PS : My migraine doctor didn’t give any advise when I mentioned to him about Cervicogenic headaches. Just handed over preventives and a bunch of painkillers !!

  1. , I'm sorry to hear you are still fighting to find effective treatment and relief from your attacks. You've been through so much. I understand how awful that can be on your daily existence. The neck is filled with nerves, and any irritation can bring on a migraine. My husband is constantly working to keep his neck/shoulder muscles stretched to help reduce tightness that makes his attacks worse. How is your range of motion in your neck? Pain medications are good as a temporary measure, but prevention methods are key. Have you explored physical/phisio therapy? Even isometric movements or yoga may be beneficial within your tolerance limits. My husband did physical therapy for 3 months 2x/week and he found it very helpful. Finding a good treatment for migraines that are worsened by movement or position is challenging. I've talked with people who have had good results from holistic physicians and ones who blend Eastern and Western medicine practices. I understand you are in a low place currently, but don't lose hope. I'll be praying that good outcomes will be coming to you soon. Warmly, Cheryl team

    1. I'm sorry to hear that you're dealing with such pain. I see that Cheryl responded with some great feedback. I was going to suggest bodywork as well. I certainly don't have a medical background, so I'm just speaking from personal experience, but I do find it really helpful. Is that something that you're open to or interested in? We also have some articles on the site that you might find of interest or help. Here are just a few that I saw and figured that I would share, not knowing what would resonate most with you.

      Alene, Team Member

      1. - I, too, am sorry to hear you are suffering through cervicogenic migraines. I suffer with cervicogenic headaches/migraines daily as well. They are incredibly difficult to live with and manage. I have tried so many things to help but have found it continues to afflict me. I hope that you get the chance to look at the links (fixed) Cheryl posted. There is a good deal of information that may be helpful.

        One thing I have tried and will do again is see a pain specialist. They are treating my cervicogenic headaches with steroid injections. I have found relief with these. Since my neck is fused and I have horrible scar tissue (inflammatory arthritis) and referred pain into my limbs they are incredibly careful where to inject. There are also nerve injections as well as radiofrequency ablations (RFA) as treatments. Have you considered seeing a PM&R (pain management and rehabilitation) specialist?

        Also, I have had to make a good amount of lifestyle changes - such as stretching daily, being constantly aware of increased tension in my neck and shoulders as I work, read, rest etc. - using relaxation techniques throughout the day (even on the toilet - seriously), as well as meditation to ease the anxiety and stress in my life. I know it may sound absurd or flimflam advice but look into these alternative options. Do try it for a month - see how it helps.

        Another thing is that I've been prescribed a few medications (neuro and psych), neck strengthening exercises (PT), and trigger point therapy. Ive had success with a muscle relaxant, use of tricyclic antidepressants (to ease stress/anxiety) as well as offered Botox - to ease my pain. I have used these for a while now and do find some relief using them. For me, any relief I get is appreciated. Have you looked into these options?

        I want you to know we are here to support you should you need more info. Our site has a plethora of material in its articles and posts, with many members having years of knowledge and experience dealing with migraine disease under our belts. We are not doctors and cannot offer treatment or give you advice, but we can offer our experiences to help guide our members in the direction they seek. Wishing you better days ahead with less pain. Thoughtfully, Rebecca (team member)

        1. NUCCA chiropractor saved me from these. My Atlas vertebrae was out of alignment, causing migraines with various symptoms. These chiropractors specialize in upper cervical adjustments. I got my life back. Went from constant headache with migraine flare-ups to headache free.

          1. I'm so happy to hear that you've been able to find relief. I can imagine it felt incredibly painful to have vertebrae out of alignment! How many treatments did it take for you to get full relief? And do you have to keep going back for maintenance? - Cody (Team Member)

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