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Daily migraine

Hi, I am 3 years into daily migraine headache /vestibular migraine/migranous visual disturbances. Hard to tell when one stops and another starts, except I now know that when I yawn excessively I can expect all the symptoms to increase.
Anyone have any similar experience? Anyone have any Covid related impacts or change to their migraine behavior? (Mine went from episodic to chronic weeks after my second Moderna vaccine. )

  1. hi there. I am so sorry that you had an uptick in your symptoms. Anytime things change, that negatively affect us, it is so hard to do anything. I wanted to share an article about someone with vestibular migraine for over 2 years, when this was written. Look at the comments. Hopefully you find it helpful. I also wanted to share this about Covid-19 and migraines: I sure hope you and your provider find something to help reduce your symptoms. Hang in there. (Tonya, team member).

    1. Hi there. My heart goes out to you! You're not alone in seeing changes like this -- it's very common for migraine to change throughout one's lifetime, both in frequency and the symptoms you might have. We have had a lot of folks share that their migraines were affected by either the Covid vaccine or Covid itself, but there's been a lot of variation in that. Some saw a temporary increase, some saw their symptoms decrease, and others had long-term changes in either direction. Here's a link to the archives, where several of our patient leaders and community members have written about their experiences:

      What has your doctor suggested as you've experienced these changes? Do you feel like you're being heard and taken care of? We always urge people to work with a board-certified migraine/headache specialist whenever possible -- neurologists are good doctors, but they are usually more general in scope and don't have the extensive training in migraine that a headache specialist has.

      There are directories of headache specialists at and, if you're interested in exploring this more. And of course, we're here to answer any questions you have. I hope you can find a path to greater relief. Hugs. -Melissa, team member

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