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I'm wonder if any other women notice or have lots of discharge during a migraine? Normally I have very heavy discharge all the time but it's completely normal. But during a Migraine It seems to be much more heavy almost period-like.

Does anyone else have this symptom?

  1. Teania - That's a great question! I wonder if that might coincide with hormonal fluctuations somehow?


    1. Sorry for being gross, but mine doesn't change in volume but in scent.

      1. Malin and Teania - One of the advantages of my particular history is that I worked in veterinary medicine for a long time. This included running a reproductive facility, so it's virtually impossible to gross me out, lol. The great thing is when I find times like this when my experience can be helpful with a Migraine patient.

        Our reproductive hormones change throughout our cycle each month. As we get older, those cycles begin to change, and we may notice these changes physically as differences from when we were younger. Changes also occur during pregnancy. This includes the makeup of normal vaginal flora which may typically appear as a sort of milky white substance called Leukorrhea. When these changes occur, sight differences in texture, amount, odor and appearance may be noticed. This is normal for these changes to occur throughout each cycle, and for them to occur as we age. That said, only a doctor can really tell you if this is normal for you, or something that needs to be looked at more carefully. You'll get your best advice from your personal physician.

        Increased or excessive leukorrhea is very often the result of too much estrogen, or an estrogen dominance. It may be worthwhile to have your hormones checked during specific times during your cycle to be sure you aren't suffering from an estrogen or progesterone imbalance. Since these imbalances can also be powerful Migraine triggers (including the simple fluctuations themselves) finding and fixing a problem with this could be really important for your Migraines too.


        1. Have there ever been any men who report a discharge before or during a migraine?

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