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Do folks have multiple types?

Why are migraines everchanging? come and go, you think they are gone. Sometimes a warning and then sometimes not. I had really thought maybe the migraines were gone since November. November I had a 10.0 Aura which I call it really the pain is like 20.0. After that the signs disappeared such as no more week long nausea. This past sunday till about today I have had a migraine with no warning so I thought. I was awoken 2 am by gas work by the city! I am glad though because I was hit with this pain going on in my head I didn't sense in my sleep. If the construction hadn't have woke me likely things would have been worse. Between the migraine and the statistics work I had to do for school Sunday was awful. I cann't describe the pain sometimes it's like is it really there? I guess it was a 9 or a 10 , butalibtol didn't do much. Next day Monday I was just dizzy with some lingering sensations, same goes for today. I realize the past few weeks I did have signs. I was very tired, so tired I had to just come home from work and go to bed. It felt like I actually had a virus or something going on. I recall talking to my aunt and not making much sense. One day last week I was nauseus. And this past friday night I was hight with a dizzy spell - all signs but it did not register to me a migraine was comming.

  1. Hi deejak,

    No one is sure why migraines change, but the research continues. And yes, people can have multiple types of migraine and/or headache disorders at the same time.

    It is important that we understand the four phases and symptoms of an migraine attack. Being able to recognize these may enable us to treat an attack earlier and hopefully stop the migraine process. Some of the symptoms you describe can be found in prodrome, the grist phase and here is information on all four of them:

    Butalbital won't stop a migraine but mask the pain. We really want stop the migraine process, and medications that do that include triptans and ergotamines. Preventing an attack is important as is having rescue medications on hand when abortives don't work or can't be taken. This information on abortive, preventive and rescue medications is very informative:

    The Seven Essentials of Migraine has great information that should be helpful;

    I hope this is helpful,

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